Sports and BMI

Sports and BMI

The BMI, Basal Mass Index, is based on the size and weight of the person. Even the BMI doesn't apply to great athletes because if their specific metabolism, it shouldn't stop your from doing any physical activity !


Sports are an essential part of getting better physically and mentally.


The benefits of playing sports


Sports are in general a major ally in order to get well and in shape. It benefits your mental and physical health.


Every sport has its qualities. Overall, practicing any physical activity will allow you to stay at your ideal weight, the one that makes you comfortable in your body. It's also good to fight against obesity, protect yourself from some cancers, and strenghen your metabolism. Your physical condition will only get better, whether you're practicing or just living your daily life.


Playing sports is also a way to keep your mind clear. If you practice before 4pm, doing sport will improve the quality of your sleep. It is a good stress, anxiety and depression reliever. Playing a sport is a big step towards well-being.


How sports can change your BMI ?


Choose a sport that fits you the best : collective sport, fitness, combat sport... But those are not the only choices you have.

Exercing a physical activity doesn't mean you have to go to a gym or take fitness courses necessarily. You can do sport at your level, for example, changing you habits of travelling : more stairs and less elevators, or riding a bike to work or school. You only need 30 minutes of sport everyday to get some results after a few weeks.


It is obvious that playing a sport increases your muscle mass. Every person has a personal basal metabolism. This basal metabolism is the number of calories you burn while not doing any physical activity. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn, even when resting. That's why men can often lose weight quicker than women.


On this quest to lose or gain pounds, sports will be your best allies. It's up to you to chose the one that suits you the best.