How to better live with your body?

How to better live with your body?

Whether man or woman, we all have issues to accept our figure as it is. Before or after a weight loss, the most important thing is to feel well. If photoshop can't help you when you're facing other people, we have a few tips so you can learn to love your body and be proud of it !


How to dress with a thin body ?


Weight change is not always easy to handle. To be at ease with your body, you can change your dressing style. Here are a few advices for you to transcend your figure :

- Play with volumes : With a thin figure, you have to play with volume and find a balance. Find something with volume for the upper part (something loose for example), and a tight pair of jeans or pants.

- Avoid dark colors : black and dark colors will make you look even thinner. Although, you can wear clothes with contrasts like black and clear colors.

- Ban every clothe with a vertical pattern

- Play with accessories to widen your figure (bag, hat, belt...)


The secret to dress with a thin figure, as you've realized, is simply to ass colors and volume !


How to dress a figure with curves ? 


Appear thinner when you have a few curves is not always easy. But what if you accepted your body and used your curves as an advantage ?

- Choose the right undergarnments ! With the right undergarnments, your shapes become a part of your beauty. You can even wear a girdle if you want a thinner figure, but don't forget you should be at ease in your clothes !

- Choose the right tops ! Choose a top that hides your chest without being too large. V-necks and horizontal stripes are the way to go. Your top should always cover the largest part of your body.

- Accessories are your allies ! But this time, you should avoid any big bags or big accessory that will drive eyes to them.


If you want to better live with your body and be more confident, you must be at ease in your clothes. Being thin and beautiful is also a mater of what's in your head, and if you are proud of your curves, you'll be happier.