Cooking and BMI

Cooking and BMI

On your quest for the ideal weight, you must adapt your diet. Whether it is to lose or gain weight. Often times, with the help of a specialist, you will learn how to eat healthy, and what your body needs.


But what should you cook and what can you afford to eat ?


Cooking habits to build


If there's not one receipe for weight loss, there are a few habits to build when you're preparing or cooking a meal.


- Bring more fruits and vegetables in your plate ! It is often said that 5 fruits and vegetables is a good rule for your diet. Why ? Because they all contain fibres. Those fibres give you a feeling of fullness but also favor stomach transit.

- Divide and color your receipe : separating your meal between types of ingredients is a good way to see and realize the size of the portions and the balance of it all. You can separate starchy food from vegetables et give a special place to some meat or fish. Coloring your plate with spices is a good way to feast your eyes and tastebuds !

- Use spices in your receipes


Those habits are useful while cooking but also when you're eating. If you incorportate these in your daily routine, your diet will be healthier and you'll avoid any excess.


Do the cooking yourself


There's only one rule there : enjoy yourself ! Don't hesitate to try many low-calory receipes to find what fits you. Take matters in your own hands and start cooking : it becomes a pleasure real quickly !


The lack of time and motivation is often what prevents someone from eating healthy. Precooked meals contain more calories, fat and sugar than what you can cook at home. Those are facts proven by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's researchers.


When you cook your meals, you know what's in it and that's a great way to understand what's working and what's not. If you have a busy schedyle, at least take the time to read and understand the labels on the products, precooked meals and such you buy at the supermarket.


Those tips and advices for cooking and eating are applicable to anyone, whatever your weight is. They are essential to a healthy diet.