BMI calculation for men

BMI calculation for men

One's BMI, whether woman or man, contains the same kind of data and gives the same results. Indeed, your Body Mass Index defines the shape that you're in, relative to your body complexion.

Nonetheless, women and men have different metabolisms and some details are exclusives to one or the other.


Men's BMI

Even when the BMI calculation and results are identical, there are other factors to take into account.

On a physical and genetical level, men have more muscle mass. That muscle mass consumes more energy than women's. The biggest your muscle mass is, the higher your metabolism (energy needs when at rest) is. Even without any physical effort, a man will spend more energy during a day than a woman.


Moreover, men have less "fat mass" than women and more "lean mass". Their organism contains less fat cells in general which makes them quicker to burn.


Men's weight gain

Because of physical disparity, the weight gain or loss is not the same depending on the gender of the person.

On the men side, weight gain is most notably on the upper part of the body. The most sensible zones of the body are the chest, the arms, the waist, and the neck.


Making the distinction between your muscle and your fat mass is not always easy, and the analysis of the BMI calculation must be made with some caution. Don't hesitate to reach a specialist (nutritionnist, dietician) to interpret your BMI results.


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