BMI and Health

BMI and Health

What's the impact of the BMI on your health ?

In the 19th century, Aldolphe Quetelet, a belgian mathematician, invented the formula to calculate the BMI (Body Mass Index). The BMI has been recognized since 1997 by the WHO -World Health Organization).

The BMI defines norms for metabolysms depending on the size and weight of individuals. Those norms have become beacons to understand how the BMI affects anyone's health.


Malnutrition, leanness, and health


When one's BMI is below 18, it is considered to be a leanness problem. And if it goes below 16,5, we reach the point of malnourishment. In France, about 3.5% of the population are under 18,5 on the BMI scale. But what does that mean ?


Malnourishment means your nutritionnal intake is not matching your energetic needs. This leads to a feeling of restlessness. On the physical health side, being too lean or in a state of malnourishment means your immunitary defenses are reduced. In other words, you become sick more often.


But mental health is also affected by it. In fact, people in a state of malnourishment are more susceptible to depression, and alteration of quality of life. Malnourishment can more precisely lead to mental anorexia, and food intolerance.


If your BMi gets under 18, we strongly advise to reach a professionnal doctor to take the necessary precautions.


Obesity, overweightness, and health


One is considered "overweight" when the BMI is above 25. Obesity is what happens when the BMI goes above 30. There are 3 types of obesity : moderate, severe, and morbid. As an Opinionway research from 2014 has shown, 46% of french people are considered overweight. This represents half of the population being more susceptible to health problems.

Being overweight or obese leads to real dangers for your health :

  • Cardiovasculary diseases
  • Bigger chance of getting diabetes
  • Development of musculoskeletal conditions like arthrosis for example


If after doing our BMI test, you realize you are overweight or near the state of obesity, you must take an appointment with a professionnal doctor as soon as possible. Even if you want to lose fat, your weight loss and nutrition must be monitored by a health professionnal.