BMI and calories

BMI and calories

In order to calculate accurately your BMI and your weight gain or weight loss, you must understand your basal metabolism. This will indicate how much energy you need when resting.


What is the basal metabolism ?


Everyone has its own basal metabolism depending on size, weight, age, gender, and morphology.

The basal metabolism is a data expressed in calories. With this data, you understand quickly how many calories are consumed by your body while resting. Those energy needs must be answered in order for the body to work at its fullest during the day.


The brain, heart, respiratory and digestive systems all need calories to work efficiently. The basal metabolism represents the minimum number of calories required for the body to work a full day.

Understand the basal metabolism


Calculating calories is essential whatever your diet is. In order to do the math, every health professionnal will calculate your basal metabolism and see how many calories you need every day.


You must never try to reduce your calory intake below what your body needs and what the basal metabolism result tells you. A lack of energy and calories leads to health problems. Everyone has a different metabolism and some people with high basal metabolism will need more calories but consume more too. When you have a regular physical activity like running, your calory needs increase. We can see that on young people who are burning more calories while resting than when active.


In order to increase your basal metabolism, you must increase your muscle mass : the stronger your muscles are the more calories your body will burn when resting.


Calculating your basal metabolism, the calories you have to take everyday to stay healthy, shouldn't be your obsession. It is only meant to guide you to your ideal weight, the one that makes you comfortable and happy with your body.