Calculating your ideal weight

Your ideal weight provides a theoretical idea of the weight that you need to reach in order to be in good physical shape

Defining your optimal weight

An ideal weight is an estimated equilibrium weight or ideal weight and helps us determine if we are overweight, too thin or if our weight can be considered “normal”.

How to calculate your ideal weight?

To calculate your ideal weight, we use the Lorentz formula given below:

  • Ideal weight (male) = height in cm − 100 − ((height in cm − 150) / 4)
  • Ideal weight (female) = height in cm − 100 − ((height in cm − 150) / 2.5)

This calculation will give you an indication of your ideal weight, but remember that it is only an estimate. It should not be used for children, the elderly, pregnant women or even top athletes. You should contact your GP if you have any questions.