Calculating your basal metabolic rate

The basal metabolic rate is the energy used by the body when at rest 

Basal metabolic rate in calories per day

Knowing your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is essential when calculating your BMI and your weight gain or loss. This will tell you the amount of energy that your body needs in order to function at rest (for your lungs, heart and other organs).

Definition of a basal metabolic rate

Everyone has their own BMR, and this is dependent on their height, weight, age and gender.

The basal metabolic rate, or base metabolism, is expressed in calories. Therefore, this tool allows you to calculate the appropriate number of calories for the height, weight, age and gender of any given individual. It allows you to estimate the amount of energy (in calories) that your body needs each day when at rest.

Calculating your basal metabolic rate

Calorie calculations are used in many diets. To perform these, a healthcare professional will calculate your basal metabolic rate in order to find out the number of calories that you can absorb each day.

The formula used to calculate this basal metabolic rate is given below:

  • Men’s basal metabolic rate: 13.707 x weight in kg + 492.3 x height in cm – 6.673 x age + 77.607
  • Women’s basal metabolic rate: 9.740 x weight in kg + 172.9 x height in cm – 4.737 x age + 667.051