What does BMI mean?

The acronym BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It has been established by the World Health Organization in 1997. The BMI is defined as a scale to evaluate the risks of being over or under your ideal body weight. It is the Belgian mathematician Adolphe Quetelet who has created the BMI. However, this nutrition tool has not been popularized until long after.

What is the BMI telling us?

The BMI and its different levels are meant to help locate your corpulence on a specific scale. There are 5 main levels:

  • Malnutrition ou undernutrition
  • Leanness
  • Normal index
  • Overweight
  • Obesity (which is divided in 3 levels itself)

This Body Mass Index is based on your size and weight. Since its creation, the BMI system has been designed for adults between 18 and 65. It means that these calculations do not apply to : children, pregnant women, athletes, and seniors. For example, great athletes will have an incorrect BMI result because their muscle mass is very different than most people, they do not fit in the target of this test.

The BMI in Europe

Since it has been recognized by the WHO in 1997, the BMI of European people has changed. The studies conducted by Eurostat in 2009 and by the WHO in 2014 show that obesity has become a general problem in many European countries.

  • In the UK, 23,9% of women and 22,1% of men are considered obese
  • Obesity rate has more than doubled since 1980
  • Germany has reached a peak of 25,1% of obesity in its population

In every study, the obesity rate is linked to the age of the subjects : the older you get the more chances you have to fall into this category. The BMI is the perfect tool to know if a country's population is in good health – and if it is not the case, it helps solving the weight problems efficiently.

Do you know the impact of your body weight on your health?

The BMI is here to answer your questions. It helps you know the risks your body weight can have on your health. Our body mass index calculator bases itself on your size and your weight. But first, do you know what is a “body mass index”?

The body mass index is a health standard that you need to be familiar with. Your health comes first. To be aware of every details concerning your health, the BMI is the perfect tool. Firstly to help you understand and situate your problems and secondly to accompany you on the path to good health.
Are you too fat or too thin? It is the exact question this website will answer for you. The Body mass index will indicate you if your weight is good or bad for your health.

Furthermore, the BMI will be able to calculate your ideal body weight – which represents the weight that presents no risk what so ever for your health. Also, calculating this ideal body weight unables you to find out which weight makes you feel good inside and out!